Look and See

Look, look
See, see!
Don’t touch.
What is it?
Don’t look up.
Don’t let it touch
Now run.
Before its
too late
Where, where
Help, help
Do not look up
It is dark
Do not look right
Stay right where you are,
Do not move
Close your eyes.
Squeeze them shut.
Stay right where you are
Don’t move.
The world is shrouded
in darkness
in evil
Open your eyes
And death
will come.
For you
For me
For life
Look, look
see, see!
And darkness
will envelop me.
So hide
so sink
so crumble
until you’re safe
The others tell you
To look, to see
They say the world
Is something
You can’t see past
You can only see
what comes in the future
like college letters
he gets denied
again and again
not knowing if he will be admitted
He won’t
Look, look
See, see
Don’t touch
Where are you?
unable to look
or see.
But you can see for me.
You can be my eyes.


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