Math Rules

Red, blue, orange and yellow,
Spattered across the page.
Thousands of equations on the board,
Which one should be used?
This must be stopped.
The unknown…
Find x
Too many possibilities.
Time is late, out of time.
Logs? Trig? Quadratic equations?
It’s too much,
Please help me.
I cannot do this alone!
The numbers,
Scattered across the lined page
Cecil, oh, Cecil,
Thou shall not pass!
CPM will ruin…
our lives,
our hearts,
our souls.
It creeps in the hidden pages
It follows us
Like Cecil on
His high rope.
We all hope he falls.
But he doesn’t,
Because this is a movie
Cecil is Andy Serkis
With white dots all around.
The brilliant actor,
At the top of his game
Math rules!
But not really.


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