Shielded under the umbrella,
He takes 5 steps,
He scurries down the narrow alley,
Off to his
Corner. He spots a rat, slurps it up, and
says “I wish this weren’t the life I led”
He takes
a coin.
a toy.
a brick.
And throws them into the valley.
Wee the cry and echo
Don’t leave leave us
Don’t throw us away
He pays them no heed
He really likes throwing things
You do you
He throws things here
he throws things there
he throws things everywhere
sometimes lego bricks
sometimes his feces
he is a monkey
He is in a cage.
trapped so all he does is throw.
why must we be so cruel?
why must he be kept in darkness?
Because we are humans
and must indulge our other side
once in awhile.
Our “tendencies”.
Our lives.


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