Graffiti Umbrella

To the tune of “Chocolate Rain”

Streaks of rain,
Suits stay dry while
children feel the pain.

Colored rain,
Swiftly slipping out
and down the drain.

Rainbow rain,
Whirling through the sky
and into Spain.

Streaks of rain,
A happy child will
never go complain.

Colored rain,
Tumbling through the skies
about a plane.

Rainbow rain,
Dripping the umbrellas
with a stain.

Streaks of rain,
Lasting long as Queen
Elizbeth’s reign.

Colored rain,
Dazzling to the common
human’s brain.

Rainbow rain,
Phenomenon so odd
you can’t explain.

Streaks of rain,
A wondrous sight for those
up in a crane.

Colored rain,
Crazy as the wondrous
Trump’s campaign.

Rainbow rain,
A sight that echoes
like a new refrain.
like a new refrain.


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