The Color Never Left

The color is gone.
Like an “I Love Lucy” re-run;
Black, white, detached.
It’s the same plot each episode,
Nothing but the same old thing.

The color is gone
By no one’s fault
But your own.
The world said no,
But you could’ve said yes.

The color is gone.
Under an umbrella of responsibilities,
You treat color as acid rain.
Avoiding, hiding,
Protected and yet still hurt.

The color is gone.
But it wasn’t always…
There was a time you relished it.
A time you would stick out your tongue
And take the world in.

The color is gone.
Through the eyes of an adult,
Yes, it is gone.
But not to a child,
Not when you were a child.

The color is gone.
It could be colorful again
Like the journey from Kansas to Oz.
Simply put down your umbrella
And splash around like a child

The color never left.
You simply lost sight of it,
Lost sight of yourself


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