To a Coy List of Things To Do

To a Coy List of Things To Do

Had I all the vigour in life,
I’d finish work, sharp as a knife.
The hours I could spend to learn,
and question, draw, sing, discern.
I’d jump and clean my room and hair,
then have plenty of time to spare,
I’d try the things I’d like to do,
and go online, shopping for shoes.
then travel all the world and see
the wonders of the land and sea.
I’d hike and fly and roam and swim,
and live life always on a whim.
The hours I could stand and stare,
Just dreaming of the space out there.
if clocks could freeze at my command,
I’d solve the problems made by man.
The war, the pain, the hurt, the sick,
I’d solve (with help) before clock’s tick.
Oh the work I could get done,
and still have time to have some fun,
if only energy would ‘llow,
I’d do it all, here and now.

But at my back I always hear,
Time’s winged chariot hurrying near.
My strength grows weak in seconds short,
the sun does set, dark hits the north,
the clock won’t stop and time flies by,
my eyelids droops, I yawn, and sigh.
My muscles sore, my mind is slow,
My dreams hit snooze, it’s time I know
to go to bed and sleep and sleep
no time for all those mysteries.

Now therefore, though with youthful hue,
with growing minds and hearts so true,
I wish we could just think and play,
but strength is short at end of the day.
‘tis time to slip beneath the sheets,
and go to bed and go to sleep.

– Charmaine Chan


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