To His Coy Mistress Emulation

To Her “True” Match

Had finding the one been less imperative,

I’d never concede to writing our narrative.

I swept through a thousand and more

To discover the one, please, not an eyesore.

Among the crowds of cheats and liars,

Thou stood tall, one of my many desires.

Thy jaw as sharp as needles and knives,

A stare that entices multiple wives.

I wandered below to inspect your profile,

Pleased to uncover you were no juvenile.

A yogi, creator, famed businessman,

Dog owner, model, with a tesla sedan.

Thine eyes hinted kindness, loyalty too;

Stacks that rose through and through.

I stood convinced you were the one,

Our epic love story had finally begun.

At last I built up the courage to make

A move, I envisioned our wedding cake.

I gently swiped right across the screen;

Awaiting an outcome, twas unforeseen.

But beyond the hills the ticking clock

Placed my wrists in a tight padlock.

Kin and companions picked and prodded,

Insisting that I would fast grow rotted.

Flocks of dull and lifeless souls,

Forced upon me. They had the controls.

I lied, pretended, claimed you existed

Parents, aunts, uncles resisted.

For your absence brought me pure pain,

The feeling of emptiness drove me insane.

To think you didn’t fancy me too

Left my heart and soul askew.

Then my hopes and prayers appeared,

Sorrowful tears and frowns disappeared.

Five beautiful letters shone so bright

Match made in heaven, what a delight!

While I awaited our blind encounter

I dreamed of our children, Alice and Hunter

Like snow white doves intertwined

Our love, a feeling undefined.

Thou called my name, soft and sweet

But foul and plain thou were, you cheat.

Now let us part our separate ways

Never meeting again in this dating maze.

Thus, now my promising future was gone

In this online game, I was merely a pawn.



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