Merchant of Venice Coda by Catherine, Billy, Tiffany, and Melvin

Act 6 Scene 1

Description: Shylock is standing in front of a slum, waiting to exact revenge on the people who turned the law against him.

[Shylock is in front of a slum, pacing]

Shylock: So this is what my wealth has come to

To be betrayed by my flesh and blood

To be betrayed by my own bargain

To be betrayed by my country’s law

I used to lounge in gold and ducats

Now, I’m bound to this god-forsaken religion

How cruel they must be, to have stolen everything from me

They criticize how the Romans crucified Jesus on a cross of wood,

How he was betrayed by one of his closest

Well I was betrayed by one of my closest as well

And crucified on a cross of flesh

Hypocrites! All of them

I will not let this be the end, Antonio and his dastardly crew must use a boat to travel around the cities, to pick up the ducats cold

What they do not know is the sheer weight of these ducats will put their ship in peril,

At that moment, I shall finish the job, their greed will be their demise


Act 6 Scene 2

Description: Antonio and his gang are collecting their wealth and putting it onto a boat. The sailor warned that the weight of the gold will sink the boat, and suggested that they not transport it all at once. Elated but blinded by their victory over Shylock, they insist. Shylock stands near the boat, prepared to exact revenge.

Antonio: God truly looks favorably upon his followers The devil has been struck down

Bassanio: Rejoice! Let not this cloud depress us, we’ll collect all of our gold and then some We have riches beyond measure

Portia: Indeed! And if you don’t lose your ring again, we’ll be happily ever after

Sailor: Honestly, I don’t think the ship can hold Portia’s next stash We’ve already slowed significantly

Antonio: Then all the more time to enjoy ourselves! Come, let us drink

[Nerissa and Gratiano emerge from a bedroom]

Bassanio: How was thoust night?

Gratiano: Grand grand, the winds are excellent today, they are truly in our favor

Portia: As have been most of things recently

Sailor: We’ve arrived at Portia’s vault

Bassanio: Well my god love, there is gold further than the eye can see

Portia: I am royalty after all

Antonio: A sight to behold for a money lender like myself! Come let us get this onto our board, we shan’t leave sea for months! We’ll travel the sea, buy the luxurious goods of the far orient. Throw parties in celebration

Gratiano: Well if you look at that, Just over the hill is supposedly the ghetto they relocated the Jew Shylock to

Jessica: [laughs] Thank the lords I ran away when I had the chance

Lorenzo: Everything did work out in the end.

Antonio: Sailor! Let us set sail, to the nearest global marketplace where we’ll buy the finest teas and silks

Sailor: It is as I told you, we can barely hold, the ship is teetering on the edge of sunk at this point!

Antonio: Onward! We will not let our moment of triumph be tarnished by some extra weight

Sailor: As you wish…

Bassanio: I do notice the ship swaying slightly more, and it does feel like we are moving absurdly slowly

Nerissa: Are we sinking?

Portia: No… absolutely not.

Sailor: Wretches, it is as I warned we are sinking and are too far away from shore now to return fast enough

Bassanio: Well this is still no matter, we have plenty of time to get off board and swim back ashore, nothing gained, nothing lost

Antonio: But our money! The gold, the endless sea of wealth beneath us, the finest silks; we need it!

Bassanio: Our lives first! Unless if help comes from the shore we need to get off this sinking ship

Portia: Speak of the devil, do you see that? A figure of hope in the distance! Like the silhouette of Christ himself, descending upon his faithful followers to bless us again. God truly smiles on us

Antonio: Help! help! Hooded figure with the message of a Messiah please help!

Bassanio, Portia, Nerissa, Gratiano, Jessica, Lorenzo together: Help help!

[The figure becomes close enough for his face to be made out]

Jessica: My god, it was in fact the devil coming in the guise of the Messiah once again This incarnate of evil has deceived us again! Quick, we must escape

Antonio: Shylock, sir, give us justice. You know we don’t deserve this, quick, send for help!

Shylock: [snickers] In the same way you withheld your flesh and forsook me to this God-forsaken religion and to a life without wealth. I will be the generous one and give you my flesh, and in doing so forsake you to the God-forsaken waters, away from a life where you are surrounded by just a bit too much gold.

[Shylock takes out a knife and cuts off his arm, with a gold cross around his wrist]

Shylock: Here, take back your religion, take back your gold, see the endless depths

Jessica: Father no please! Save me, I’m your daughter!

Bassanio: Shylock I pleaded with you once, I plead with you again, show some mercy, it is the will of God!

Portia: Yes and the law will reprimand you if you don’t, but it will reward you greatly if you help us!

Shylock: [laughs] Family, bonds, Gods, the laws of men. I once had faith in these things, and where did that leave me. Penniless, without dignity, without lands, without my own daughter.

[Shylock tosses his arm onto the boat, which accelerates their descent, and leaves]




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