Reduced A Merchant of Venice

Act 1, Scene 1


Enter Antonio, Salarino, and Solanio


Antonio: I’m sad.

Salarino: It’s because of your ships. But they will be fine. Trust me.

Antonio: No, that’s not why.

Solanio: Then you’re clearly in love!

Antonio: Nope.

Solanio: Then you’re just in a bad mood…


Enter Bassanio, Lorenzo, and Gratiano


Gratiano: You don’t look too great Antonio.

Antonio: I have a sad life.

Gratiano: Let me cheer you up then! Some wise men are so sad and silent. But anyways, I’ll see you at dinner tonight!

Antonio: Thanks! See you later!


Exeunt Gratiano and Lorenzo


Antonio: Bassanio, who is this girl you’ve been talking about?

Bassanio: I’m in so much debt, especially to you.

Antonio: I will do anything to help you.

Bassanio: Well… there is this beautiful and extremely rich girl in Belmont named Portia. If I had some more money, I could marry her.

Antonio: I’ll help pay for you to go to Belmont. Go find a money lender.






Act 2, Scene 6


Enter the masquers Gratiano and Salarino


Gratiano: We’re supposed to meet Lorenzo here.

Salarino: He’s late. Oh. Here he comes.


Lorenzo Enters


Lorenzo: Sorry I’m late. I’m in love.


Enter Jessica above, disguised as a boy


Jessica: Who are you?

Lorenzo: It’s me.

Jessica: Catch this box, you won’t regret it. I’m glad you can’t see me dressed as a guy.

Lorenzo: You need to be the torchbearer at the masquerade.

Jessica: What?!? I shouldn’t be doing this.

Lorenzo: Let’s go.


Exit Jessica Above


Gratiano: She’s too nice to be a Jew!

Lorenzo: Yeah, she’s smart, pretty and kind! I really love her!


Enter Antonio


Antonio: Gratiano, where have you been? You need to go to Belmont now.

Gratiano: Great. Let’s go!






Act 3, Scene 1


Enter Solanio and Salarino


Salarino: Antonio’s ship crashed at sea!

Solanio: Oh no! That’s horrible news!


Enter Shylock


Shylock: You knew my daughter would run away!

Salarino: LOL yeah. But it’s alright, kids always run away.

Shylock: She will be damned for this. She’s my flesh and blood.

Salarino: Did you hear about Antonio?

Shylock: Yes, but I’m glad since he has constantly wronged me. We are the same as you Christians, and I will learn from your example by getting revenge.


Enter Tubal


Shylock: Did you find Jessica?

Tubal: Nope.

Shylock: Oh no! She stole so much! I’d rather have her dead than lose those jewels. I always have such bad luck.

Tubal: Did you hear about Antonio?

Shylock: Thank God!

Tubal: He will go bankrupt.

Shylock: Great! Go have him arrested. I can get my revenge by taking his heart.


Exeunt severally


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