To a Coy Debate Partner

To a Coy Debate Partner

Had we but world and time,

Your coyness, partner, were no crime

We would sit and discuss, the issues of this world

And let our thoughts in an endless vortex twirl

But at the end of the day, prep time is short

Our ideas we must be quick to sort

Contentions to make, warrant to justify

No impact and our case will not fly

Sure, you can be silent in the ensue

But now, we have two foes to refute

I do not deny,

your coyness may be benign

So let’s face them together,

With our collective logic we gather

And weather the storm ahead of us

We’ll win, easily, without any fuss

So I implore, I beg, I plead

Do not let your thoughts recede

Twenty minutes left, no matter we start now

I need your help, so please disavow

Your coyness, it’s time to shed it away

Become something new, a warrior in the fray

A monster on the podium, standing proud in proposition

Choking the life out of the case put forth by opposition

You are a debater, like me, like her, like him

So be confident in your strength, it is the only way to win

It’s time, we’re ready

No matter how they belittle we

Will stand firm, resolute, emphatic

As if we were statues in the wind, we are static

Unchanging, uncompromising, unyielding

Under our relentless pressure their stance is keeling

The final bell rings, the smoke has cleared

Victory is ours, your coyness disappeared

Thank you, for your effort and your voice

And remember, a closed mouth is a choice.


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