To a Coy iPhone

     Had we but world enough and time,

These pastimes, iPhone, were no crime.

We’d lounge on our couch every day

Our Facebook feed leading us astray

We’d check our texts without worry

While updating our Snapchat story.

Admiring each pixel of your screen

Flashing their lights red, blue, and green

Taking ten selfies with your cam

For our friends to see on Instagram

Listening to each song on repeat

And reading through some celeb tweets

A hundred years spent on a game,

Pokemon, Mario, or a fad unnamed

Two hundred we’ll spend in a spiral

Scouring Youtube for a cat gone viral.

To each app, we’d dedicate an age

Collecting down to the last page

For, iPhone, you deserve this attention

For being such a great invention.

     But at my back I always hear

Time’s winged chariot hurrying near;

And yonder all before us rests

Homework, projects, endless tests

Each hour you’ve spent by my side,

Is another hour unjustified

All the time you’ve let me waste

Forced me to finish work with such haste.

Each minute you remain in my hand

Another jewel thrown to the wasteland

Each minute in my grasp, you stay

Is another slice of life, chipped away.

     Now therefore, while a teenage hue

Sits on my skin like morning dew,

And while I still’ve a life to uncover

Full of opportunities to discover.

So let us take them as they come,

Following the beat of a thousand drums

Rather at once let’s set to action,

Than languish in each small distraction.

Let us roll all our strengths and all

Our facets up into one ball,

Chopping obstacles like a knife,

Through the iron gates of life:

Though, iPhone, these games may be fun,

We’ve got an entire race to run.


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