To A Lost Friend

Had we but multiple lifetimes and days

This feeling, love, is beyond ways

We would dance around and dream every single day

To prance, and stroll in a park so far away

Thou by the warm summer caves

Should friends ask; I emerged in the waves

Would anyone admire you, I would

Love you always as I could,

And you should, if you please, refuse

Till the day I can make you my muse.

My days when you’re around will never be low

Higher than skyscrapers and stronger than the wind’s blow;

My heart beats like it’s running through a maze 

The thought of you simply puts me in a daze;

Nothing will ever put our friendship to the test,

Our relationship will never be a mess;

But eventually we may be pulled apart,

But I will always be in your heart.

For, love, you deserve this happiness,

Nor would I smile at anyone else.

       Never forget I will always be near

Look up at the stars and I will be here;

And dream about how the stars hang in the sky

Ocean breezes pulling

Our conversations will not be forgotten;

Nor will the memories become rotten

Your song; composed with a guitar

That notebook full of lyrics,

And our letters turn into nothing but dust,

And memories in our hearts become a must;

The mind is a maze with no empty space,

But some, I think, do not pertain.

       Now therefore, while the memory is new

Sit on the rooftop looking at stars for there are a few,

And while our dreams collide

At every moment of sadness subsides,

Now let us dream as we may,

And while sitting on the same stacks of hay,

While the time and memories fly

None of these conversations will ever die.

Let us remember our dear words

Remembering our heart verses in thirds,

And although we are still dear friends

Through the ocean’s demanding waves:

Thus, though we can never be together

Sit still, yet we will watch the sunrise again.


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