To His Coy Teacher

Had I but world enough and time,

This assignment, teacher, were no crime.

I would sit down, and contemplate.

I would, happily in fact, read all day.

At my desktop, under my flickering light,

Hours would be spent to write. 

Extensive research done without groan

New information would become known

Endless concepts I could explore

All my homework completed without uproar

But at my back I always hear

All of my other commitments hurrying near;

Sadly other deadlines are still an issue,

And college apps close in my view.

Weekends packed with dance rehearsal,

and I have no more time left for dispersal.

My schedule is fully packed.

Your innumerable assignments make me feel attacked.

Now therefore, I must ask

Please do not assign another task.

Although I always want to strive for excellence.

I would like to find a little balance.

Before I say goodbye to high school,

Let me have some free time, don’t be cruel.

Though we cannot stop the sun,

Doing classwork, instead, will be more fun.


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