Where the rainfall ends

This is the place where the rainfall ends
Where nothing touches the ground
Where man becomes horse
Where horse becomes boy or fish or
One with the wind.
This is place where all colors live,
Where nothing goes unseen,
Where the colors live is called
the visible light
of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Radio, Television, Phones,
Those don’t exist here.
No PCs. No Windows XP. No Apple.
Just real fruit with real color.
Where grey is not what they need to say
Through the eyes are color but
reality is grey.
A truth that is hidden
behind the veil.
Pull, rip, destroy the veil.
Tear, slice, destroy the veil.
torn open.


Look and See

Look, look
See, see!
Don’t touch.
What is it?
Don’t look up.
Don’t let it touch
Now run.
Before its
too late
Where, where
Help, help
Do not look up
It is dark
Do not look right
Stay right where you are,
Do not move
Close your eyes.
Squeeze them shut.
Stay right where you are
Don’t move.
The world is shrouded
in darkness
in evil
Open your eyes
And death
will come.
For you
For me
For life
Look, look
see, see!
And darkness
will envelop me.
So hide
so sink
so crumble
until you’re safe
The others tell you
To look, to see
They say the world
Is something
You can’t see past
You can only see
what comes in the future
like college letters
he gets denied
again and again
not knowing if he will be admitted
He won’t
Look, look
See, see
Don’t touch
Where are you?
unable to look
or see.
But you can see for me.
You can be my eyes.

Colors of Man

The child’s laughter
is unheard.
A cry for joy
and happiness
and light
into emptiness.
The child’s smile
is unseen.
A splash of
joy and giddiness.
This is a symptom
of life and love
of bliss and play
of cartwheels, jungle gyms,
and swings.
When silence takes,
all is gone but the sound of rain,
splashing, dripping unrelentlessly.
The orange child,
is unseen
because there is no such thing
as an orange child.
The grey man
is not who he thinks he is.
He doesn’t know.
He can’t see.
But he doesn’t even exist.
The white man
has a burden,
he must be untouched.
Umbrella in his hand,
and eyes fixed on the ground.
He knows not
what orange is.
He’s only heard of black,
the color of his soul.
Business, money
this is what his eyes
fixate on.
The green man is a fool.

Sinking, Synching

Streaks of rain,
Dripping slowly down the
Falling down window panes
Further and further
into the gutter
to meet the spider
that climbed up the water spout
the rain came and pushed
my pain
that pain that was
me further toward disdain.
Neglect my sorrows,
target my woes
like the spider that
climbed up the water spout
the spider
is not unlike Sisyphus
destined to
never succeed.
It’s good:
To never sink,
But everyone has a sink at home.
Everyone is, in that regard, in sync.
Lip synching
Lip synching
The world, is

Math Rules

Red, blue, orange and yellow,
Spattered across the page.
Thousands of equations on the board,
Which one should be used?
This must be stopped.
The unknown…
Find x
Too many possibilities.
Time is late, out of time.
Logs? Trig? Quadratic equations?
It’s too much,
Please help me.
I cannot do this alone!
The numbers,
Scattered across the lined page
Cecil, oh, Cecil,
Thou shall not pass!
CPM will ruin…
our lives,
our hearts,
our souls.
It creeps in the hidden pages
It follows us
Like Cecil on
His high rope.
We all hope he falls.
But he doesn’t,
Because this is a movie
Cecil is Andy Serkis
With white dots all around.
The brilliant actor,
At the top of his game
Math rules!
But not really.

Unable to See?

Red, yellow, blue, black, white.
unable to see the colors,
unable to see the light.
Black, grey, charcoal, eggshell.
Only those can be seen
What is light without darkness?
Pitter patter. Drip drop.
The rain continues to fall.
He can’t see the difference between
what is light and what is dark.
Tick. . . tock. . . .tick. . .
The world is turning
thrashing about
in color
until he’s socked
in life.
But his eyes are closed.
So all he sees is darkness.
What would happen if he just opened
His eyes?
But they are closed.
And opening them means
prying him from a dream,
a nightmare.
Red, yellow, blue, black, white.
All the colors converge together
until there’s only light.


Shielded under the umbrella,
He takes 5 steps,
He scurries down the narrow alley,
Off to his
Corner. He spots a rat, slurps it up, and
says “I wish this weren’t the life I led”
He takes
a coin.
a toy.
a brick.
And throws them into the valley.
Wee the cry and echo
Don’t leave leave us
Don’t throw us away
He pays them no heed
He really likes throwing things
You do you
He throws things here
he throws things there
he throws things everywhere
sometimes lego bricks
sometimes his feces
he is a monkey
He is in a cage.
trapped so all he does is throw.
why must we be so cruel?
why must he be kept in darkness?
Because we are humans
and must indulge our other side
once in awhile.
Our “tendencies”.
Our lives.